La Petite Zine still looks for excellent poetry, fiction, articles, and scripts. Blah blah blah. Please do not send previously published work (either print or online), and if the work is accepted anywhere else after you have sent it to us, we request that you drop us a line withdrawing it from consideration. (An aside on copyright appears below.) We also would like you to acknowledge this publication should the work appear in another collection of work. Like Wilford Brimley said, It's the right thing to do.

There is no monetary compensation. Submissions of tanka, sijo, ghazal, or haibun (God bless you!), along with strange and freaky ideas and articles, should be sent to Henry Singer, adhering to these same submission guidelines below. Submissions of all other poetry—along with fiction, short scripts, and other media—should be sent to Daniel Nester.

These guidelines have been recently changed, so please read carefully. If you do not follow these guidelines, we're very sorry to say that we will not consider them; what's more, they will be discarded, sent off into the ether.

We accept e-mail submissions only, with pieces pasted as plain text in the body of the message. Please do not send file attachments—we will ask for a file for formatting purposes should your work be accepted. A short writerly bio (50-100 words) should be included as well.

This is the big part
We require that you put in your e-mail subject line the following information:


...with the date being a month-date-year format. Use periods—no slashes, dashes, umlauts, parens, schwas (schwae?) between each of these pieces of information. This submission, for instance, came from a person with the surname O'Hara, who will sent us poetry to LPZ on July 4th, 1958—


Paste the your work in the body of the e-mail. No file-attachments. No links to other sites where the work appears. No Zipped files. If something is italicized, you could, as a suggestion, place asterisks before and after *to denote that it's italicized*.

This nifty system is simple, lo-fi, and ensures efficient filing for editors and authors alike.

E-mail your poetry, fiction, and other media to to The Editor. E-mail your fiction to the Fiction Editor. E-mail strange and crazy freakazoid stuff -- and that includes psychotic manifesto, raps about conspiracy theories, religious verse, and pictures of midgets wrestling -- to the East Bank editor.

We suggest 3-5 poems max, essays and fiction of under 2000 words, Use your best judgment for the freakazoid stuff, and at your own risk. The writerly bio should appear in the beginning of the submission. Allow up to two months (that's eight weeks) for us to get back to you.

A aside on copyright
We acquire First Rights, or one-time rights. You retain the copyright, which means it reverts back to you after it's published. But, and this is a big But, if you put a copyright symbol, say, on the bottom of the submission, not only is this an admission on your part to not understanding elemental copyright law, it means we cannot and will not consider it, because you've just said the copyright is yours, and yours only, and we will not publish work already claimed ad infinitem to yourself. I mean, it's going back to you after it's on LPZ (i.e., the second it gets put up on the Web), so why worry -- be happy!